Team Challenge

The Kings of Tallinn Poker Festival includes a team challenge that runs throughout the event from February 24th to March 5th, 2023!  Form a team of four players, register the team, and start collecting points for your team! 2% of all Kings of Tallinn Tournament prize pools (satellites excluded) will go towards the Kings of Tallinn Team Challenge prize pool. Once the team has been registered, team members automatically collect points from tournaments they participate in, and extra points from cashing in from tournaments! Entering the Team Challenge is free of charge - an added freeroll for You & Your Team!



75% of the total team challenge prize pool will go to the winning team, and 25% to the runner-ups. Winners will be announced after the last Kings of Tallinn 2023 tournament, event, on Sunday March 5th, 2023.


Registration deadline

Team registration closes after the first break of the Main Event, Day 1b, on Thursday March 2nd,  at 14:15 o'clock. In order to receive points from a ranking event, the team has to be registered before the respective event starts.

Register Your team online before February 10th, and Your team will receive customized team T-shirts, with Your Team Name!

Shirts can be picked up from our Olybet Lounge, on the Tournament floor, Hilton Tallinn, from Friday, February 24th onwards!

Please register your team online, by filling in the Team Challenge registration form on Kings of Tallinn Home Pages,

If you are missing a team, or team member, our tournament staff will gladly help you register onsite.

If you don’t have a team, or your team is missing a member or two, we are happy to help out, just reach out to tournament staff in the tournament room before the first break of the main event.


Points calculation

Points for the Team Challenge are calculated based on the prize money earned from a tournament, divided by the amount of the average tournament buy-in (without a fee). Points are earned from any Kings of Tallinn ranking event that has a minimum of 12 unique players. Satellites and the Ladies Event are not included in the Team Challenge.

Players receive one (1) point for every Kings of Tallinn  event they play (excluding satellites and the Ladies Event) and additional points are earned by cashing from events, making the money. Please note that re-entries are not rewarding additional points.


Making deals

In case of a deal, all players involved in the deal will receive team challenge ranking points according to officially announced prize money of the lowest place involved. E.g. when three remaining players of the tournament decide to split the prize money of the top 3 places, they will all receive points based on the amount of the officially announced 3rd place prize money, irrespective of the actual final payouts.

average buy-in = prize pool / unique players