Calling all cash game players! 24/7 Kings of Tallinn cash games zone opens in a month!
1 year ago

With the first-time prize pool guarantee of €500,000 at the Main Event, tournaments are getting a lot of attention before Kings of Tallinn 2020 kicks off. However, over the years the festival has built a reputation for its juicy cash games as well.

The cash games zone at the elegant Olympic Park Casino, located on the ground floor of the Hilton Tallinn Park, will be open during the whole week of Kings of Tallinn. Up to 18 cash tables will be hosting players 24/7 with fun and juicy non-stop games.

Texas Hold’em, 4-card and 5-card Omaha and several other games are played based on players’ preference. While the smallest games have blinds of €2/2 and €5/5 Kings of Tallinn tends to see many higher games played as well.

Last year, for example, we saw a Super Dealer’s Choice game played with the blinds of €50/100 and straddle €200 attracting several international poker celebrities.

Decent rake & good bonuses

The rake at Olympic Park Casino is a favourable 5% with a cap of €15. With 6 or more players at the table, €1 is collected from each pot for Bad Beat Jackpot, awarding special rewards for bad beats and high hand bonuses.

Cash game players can book their seat online for up to two tables at once, receiving a text message when a new table opens or a seat becomes available.

See HERE for more information about Kings of Tallinn cash games, the rules and making a bank transfer in order to pre-deposit money.

Just a month to go before Kings of Tallinn with its 40 tournaments and non-stop cash games. See you in Estonia at Hilton Tallinn Park and Olympic Park Casino on 17-23 February!