Raise the bets! More bigger buy-in action than ever
1 year ago

With 40 events in this year’s Kings of Tallinn schedule, the Nordic’s top poker week will also be rich with higher buy-in tournaments.

Before the main event gets going we are starting a Kings €550 turbo event that has the first flight on Tuesday at 7 pm and two more flights starting on Wednesday at 5 pm and 9 pm. Players may re-enter the event but only for the next flight. The final day with remaining survivors will be held on Thursday evening. Everyone reaching Day 2 will have min-cash guaranteed and paid out right after Day 1 has ended.

Next in line, of course, is the €1,100 Main Event. The regular flight kicks off on Thursday at noon with late registration and unlimited re-entries available until the end of first level on Friday, on Day 2.

This year, in addition to the regular flight, there will also be a Main Event Day 1B starting on Thursday at 9 pm, played as a turbo flight, with survivors joining others in a regular speed tournament on Friday.

New 1k NLH and PLO turbos

In addition to the €1,100 Main Event there are nightly €1,100 events planned for players preferring higher buy-ins.

The first one is the PLO Turbo on Thursday evening starting at 9 pm. That’s a 8-handed 4-card PLO Knockout with €500 going into prize pool and €500 for a knockout. The event has unlimited re-entries for 7 levels.

The next evening, on Friday at 9 pm, we are starting with a Texas Hold’em Knockout. Again, 8-handed with €500 going into prize pool and €500 for a knockout, and unlimited re-entries the first 7 levels.

Both of these tournaments have duplicate events starting at the same time with exactly the same structure but a lower buy-in of €110 for players with smaller bankroll.

The biggest Highroller expected

The festival features a €3,000 Highroller event starting on Saturday, 22 February at 3 pm. The Highroller has unlimited re-entries for the first 6 levels. The event has a starting stack of 35,000, 40 minute levels and kicks off at a blind level of 100/200/200, otherwise following the exact same level structure as the Main Event.

As a tradition, Kings of Tallinn Highroller players will be treated to a complimentary dinner in one of Tallinn’s top restaurants during the event. Last year, the Highroller event saw 68 entries – a Kings of Tallinn record that is expected to be crushed this year.

With many Highroller players present at Kings of Tallinn, the previous years have also seen a lot of juicy high-stakes cash games. The cash tables will remain open 24/7 throughout the festival offering Hold’em, Omaha and mixed games with various blinds.

See you already on 17-23 February at Hilton Tallinn Park and Olympic Park Casino in Tallinn, Estonia