Tournament Director Teresa Nousiainen: Kings of Tallinn 2020 will surely be the biggest one ever
1 year ago

With less than two months to go before the next Kings of Tallinn kicks off, we asked Teresa Nousiainen who has been the TD for Kings of Tallinn from its very beginning what will the festival have in store this time for both returning and new players.

With €500,000 guaranteed in the Main Event for the first time, do you think we might see any new records at Kings of Tallinn?

Kings of Tallinn 2020 will for sure be the biggest one ever. For the first time we are co-operating with several different poker sites and running more satellites than ever. We are already selling more tournament tickets than ever before at this stage. Kings of Tallinn 2020 will be awesome! I am so proud of how we have built this poker week from zero to now being the biggest poker festival up North.

What is it that sets the festival apart and keeps happy players coming back to Kings of Tallinn year after year?

Tallinn as a city is great fun and easy and inexpensive to travel to. And Hilton Park Tallinn as a venue is both prestigious and beautiful. Players have everything under the same roof: hotel room, spa, tournaments, cash games and the region’s top casino.

From the very beginning our main goal has been to make sure our players enjoy their poker week and have fun. I always pay a lot of attention to the whole festival schedule, I collect feedback from players, analyse previous events, follow current tournament trends and really try to make sure we provide something for everyone.

Are there any principles when drafting the tournament schedule at Kings of Tallinn?

Our schedule has always been quite exceptional as it is both versatile and functional, allowing players to play both the Main Event, and side events. The Main Event will end by 9 pm so players can continue to other events, play cash games or just enjoy Tallinn. I put a lot of thought into the Kings of Tallinn tournament schedule, and I think the players can see that.

We offer poker variations that others don’t, both in tournaments and cash games. The Team Challenge we run during the poker week is very popular. I truly believe that when really wanting to make sure everyone is having a good time, like we do, it reflects also on our players and they can feel that genuinely good vibe.

You mentioned Team Challenge – what does it take to win?

Team Challenge has become so popular that teams are already forming months before Kings of Tallinn kicks off. Players don’t have to play every single event and can also win the competition by hitting a couple of bigger cashes. But usually teams try to play as many events as possible to increase their chances. In any case, the team competition is a fun freeroll so it is always worth registering a team or joining one.

Are there any changes to the festival this time?

This year Kings of Tallinn 2020 kicks off with a €550 two-day NLH, and our €1,100 Main Event now has a staggering €500,000 guaranteed prize pool. We offer Sviten (Drawmaha), OFC, Five Card Stud, PLO 4 & 5, High/ Low & Mixed Games. It won’t be easy to find another festival in the world with such a versatile game offering and action as we have here!

We always analyse previous events and player feedback. We have updated both our Team Challenge rules and our Open Face Chinese Pineapple tournament rules and also made some updates to tournament structures following current trends. All details can be found and read on

Is there anything for cash players, too?

I always say that if all cash game players out there knew the cash game action we get in Tallinn, and especially during Kings of Tallinn, they would line up months before to make sure they are in! Both tournament and cash game action is fantastic. Come and see for yourselves!

While in Tallinn what are your own favourite places to go or things to see?

Tallinn is full of great bars and restaurants! My personal favourite is Tai Boh (very funky Asian restaurant near the Old Town), and I also like Riis close to the Hilton. Shopping is also good in Tallinn and the Medieval Old Town is just generally super cool! Come check it all out in February!