Team Challenge

Kings of Tallinn is known for its team challenge running throughout the festival. 2% of prize pools of all Kings of Tallinn ranking tournaments with at least 12 unique players will go into the overall team challenge prize pool. Players need to form and register their teams of four members and they will automatically collect points when participating and cashing at any of the Kings of Tallinn ranking tournaments.

Team challenge ranking tournaments are marked with the event number being on a red background in the festival schedule.


75% of the team challenge prize pool will go to winners and 25% to the runner-up team. The winning team of Kings of Tallinn 2019 took home more than 16 000 euros.

Registration deadline

Team registration closes after the first break of the Main Event Day 1A. In order to receive points for a ranking event on Tuesday, Feb 18th or Wednesday, Feb 19th the team has to be registered before the respective event starts.

Preferred method of team registration is online by filling out a registration form at the bottom of this page. Teams can also be registered at the venue by festival staff. Not to worry if you don’t have a team, just show up before the first break of the main event and we’ll put you in contact with teams that are missing players.

Points calculation

Points for the Team Challenge are calculated based on the prize money earned from a tournament, divided by the amount of the average tournament buy-in (without fee). Points are earned at a ranking event when there are at least 12 unique players.

Starting from Kings of Tallinn 2020 the points earned from the Main Event and the Highroller Event will not be multiplied with a coefficient, which means that cashing in these events will reward points with the same logic as cashing in any other ranking events.

Starting from 2020 we are also rewarding players of the team 1 point for every time they participate in a ranking event. Note that re-entry will not reward additional points.

Making deals

In case there is a prize money deal between players then all involved players will receive team challenge ranking points according to officially announced prize money of the lowest place involved. E.g. when 3 remaining players of the tournament decide to split the prize money of top 3 places equally they will all receive points based on the amount of the officially announced 3rd place prize money, irrespective of the actual final payouts.

  • average buy-in = prize pool / unique players

See here for 2020 team challenge final standings